Peace is Possible

Gandhi is often quoted as saying: "Be the change you wish to see in the world today." * Asking each of us to take a good long look at our world, and our lives. Because once we discover what it is in the world we wish to change, it is us who need to take the first step towards that vision.

For us, the change we wish to see is all beings living in peace.

The Influences come In and Out

We want us all to learn to live together on this beautiful planet. But we recognise this outer transformation will only be possible with inner transformation. Bringing an end to hatred, misunderstanding and ill will, calls for the cultivation of humility, kindness, generosity and empathy.

A Reflection

Ask yourself; is your life a peaceful one?

Please take a moment to consider.

The World You Live In:

  • Is your country at war, invading or bombing another country?
  • Does your country use tax payers money to support a country that uses force to control another people?
  • Does your country have any businesses that profit from supplying weapons?

Not sure? Have a look at Wikipedia's list of the top arms importers and exporters

The Way You Act:

  • When did I last lose my temper or say something hurtful?
  • Do I regularly express generosity?
  • Do I often find myself acting selflessly?
  • Do I find it easy to be patient?

Be the Change

If you survived that list and feel that you live a peaceful life in a peaceful land. We wish you Bon Voyage you're welcome to go to another website, go watch something popular on YouTube, you've earned it.
But if you see that there is work to do on yourself and the place you find yourself in.
Have a look around this site.

We hope it can bring inspiration and direction, offer tools and techniques for inner and outer change, and help us all to "Be the change we wish to see."

* Maybe he never said this literally, but the same meaning is evoked by more verifiable quotes. See Falser Words Were Never Spoken