Making a Change

When we recognise it is time to make changes in our life or in the world, we have to first know where we are and how we are. This is the beginning of what may possibly be a long journey. So we don't want to waste time and energy heading out unprepared.

This is analogous to using a GPS device, we need to know where we wish to get to, but also our device needs to know where we are. So we need to take account of:

  • What do I wish to change?
  • How clear am I about this?

  • Am I ready?
  • Do I need to get more clarity, or am I ready to work on the change(s)?

  • Is it primarily a change of myself or of others?
  • In the language of this site; is it Inner Change or Outer Change?

  • Is this something I can do alone or do I need external help?
  • What will help me make this change?

  • A False Distinction Helps

    So as you can see from the text above, we're using a false distinction to help us move forward. It is false because there is no clear distinction between inner change and outer change. They are like lines on a map marking out a territory which we cannot find when we look on the earth. Inner and outer are deeply entwined and interconnected. If I cultivate generosity (an inner quality) and I don't act it out (an outer quality) how will I know if it's working. Equally, if I stand up for the rights of others (outer) I will spontaneously be increasing my tolerance of difference (inner).

    Yet where we wish to put our energies is important. But only in so far as it is where we should put our energies. If we're interested in Inner Change we should focus there, if Outer Change feels more urgent we should focus there. There is no need to cultivate something we have no interest in, or offers no benefit to us. But we should never forget that this is a false distinction, and we cannot change one without the other.

    As the song says "If you can't change the world, change yourself. And if you can't change yourself, change the world" The The - Lonely Planet

    Inner Change on this Site

    On these pages we will be exploring all the possible ways we can develop ourselves to be able to better know ourselves, our potential, and our capacities to be the change we wish to see.

    General Introduction to Inner Change

    A Bodhisattva brings compassion into action

    Using Meditation for calmness and clarity

    Adopting Mindfulness techniques for presence and awareness

    R-A-I-N a technique for responding to problematic areas of our lives

    Outer Change on this Site

    These links will help us to find involvement in Social, Environmental and Political change in the world.

    General Introduction to Outer Change

    Using Body Awareness for centred and considered action.

    Bringing Love into Action.

    Adapting the way we act to represent our goal in the world.